Beck – Que Onda Guero

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Beck is a king, or a very powerful lord at the least.  I could have thrown a dart at his body of work and pricked a winner, so I chose one that makes me smile.  I also included a couple songs from the Beastie Boys as tribute to the passing of MCA, may he rest in peace.  Hope you enjoy. Beck – Que Onda Guero ~63 minutes 

the list:

Beck – Que Onda Guero

Beastie Boys – Professor Booty; Shake Your Rump

Fishbone – Freddie’s Dead

Funkadelic – Hit It and Quit It

Soul Coughing – 4 Out of 5

Urban Dance Squad – The Devil; No Kid

Eels – Baby Loves Me; Oh So Lovely

Mikal Cronin – Apathy

Dr. John – Locked Down

Cibo Matto – Spoon

Tera Melos – The Skin Surf


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