This is a podcast about a song, each show a new song.  I’m not limiting my song selection to any genre, period of time, classification, generalization, demoralization, regurgitation. . .

There is nothing set about this show other than it’s a show about a song.

If you like songs, and occasionally talk with your friends about songs, then you know exactly what this show is about.

you can reach me at 1song1show@gmail.com

June 2013 update:

been on a break for about a month and am going to get going again real soon. . . i have another “feature length” podcast that i do with 2 friends, you can check it out here: Feed Your HeadCast

Dec 2012

Well the show is now truly 1 song 1 show. After running into time constraints with real life, I’ve found that doing just one song and focusing in on new (or newer) releases is both manageable and enjoyable. I’m able to spend more time listening to music rather than editing shows. While I’m not giving up on having guests on the show, I’ll just need to figure out how to make it work in the new format.

Feb. 2012 update:

episode 12 up and running, and the one hour show seems to be about right.  the last few shows i have been able to squeeze in a dozen or more songs per episode, but have had a bit of trouble hooking up with friends to talk songs.  I’ve also considered the idea of staggering the weekly format of the show.  For example, having a longer one hour show every other week and putting out a quick 3 song show in between.  Don’t know if that’s what will happen, only time will tell.  I’m considering this because I don’t really have a whole lot of time each week to produce a one hour show, but at the same time I am toying with the idea of producing written content for the website or possibly for submission to some of the other blogs and websites I frequently visit. It is the rainy season now, and when the sun comes back and work picks up I will have even less time so my main hope right now is that I can continue with what I’ve got going right now.

Dec. 2011 update:

After 6 episodes the format of the show is taking shape; it is still very malleable at this point, but I definitely think it’s got a semi-definable outline. Some of the feedback I’ve received up to this point includes: more music is better, and “it’s a little too long”. Trying to address both those issues presents obvious problems, because that means I should be talking less and I really like the sound of my own voice, which is why I started the podcast in the first place ;)

I think I will keep the shows under an hour, limit the guests to one per show, and play at least 6 songs.

We shall see. . .

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