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White Murder – Bad Sex; Baby Boy

Episode 97 

White Murder - White Murder

White Murder released their debut full length s/t LP in January this year, and its a conglomeration of high octane 2 minute blasts of kick ass punk rock to your face, suck it up chumps.

their bandcamp—————–> here

their fb——————–> here

buy the LP at Razorcake————> here

Pangea – River

ep60 Pangea – River

Killer Dreams EP was released early 2012 and is about as solid an EP as they come, all 4 songs are worth listening to repeatedly, each song has its own flavor of Pangea, and the album cover is one of my favorites in recent history.

their bandcamp for releases on Lauren Records ——–> here
their EP at Ghostbot Records ——-> here
their fb ———> here